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Study Neuroscience at Leeds


PhDs are offered in most areas of neuroscience. Contact potential supervisors directly for possible opportunities or search for project details at

Masters in Neuroscience

A new research focused Masters degree is being offered, with training in advanced data analysis and hands-on experience running a research project. Further details and how to apply can be found here

BSc Neuroscience

The neuroscience degree at Leeds involves the study of the brain and the nerves that make up the nervous system. The brain controls all bodily activities, ranging from heart rate and sexual function to emotion, learning and memory. Ultimately, it shapes our thoughts, hopes, dreams and imagination. In fact, the brain is what makes us human. Our degree programme will take you on an amazing journey, starting at the level of individual proteins within the building blocks of the nervous system, neurons, through the structure and function of neurons, and the way they communicate within the nervous system, all the way up to the ultimate challenge still to be explained by scientists, consciousness. Emphasis is placed, not just on the normal function of the nervous system, but also on the reasons why things go wrong, for instance in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases or depression, and the strategies and drugs used in treating them.

For more information about the BSc Neuroscience degree, please see:,bsc