Leeds Neuroscience Symposium 2022


Coffee/Tea from 9:15-9:45.

09:45-09:50: Introduction and welcome by Dr René Frank

Session chaired by Prof Susan Deuchars

09:50-10:10: Prof Nikita Gamper (School Biomedical Sciences). ‘Modulation of somatosensory information flow at the dorsal root ganglion’.

10:10-10:30: Dr Lucy Stead (School of Medicine). ‘Glioblastoma: patient stratification and a role for neurotransmitter signaling’.

10:30-10:50: Dr Matthew Mulvey (School of Medicine). Characterising sensory abnormalities in cancer pain using quantitative sensory testing.

10:50-11:10: Dr Richard Allen (School of Psychology). ‘Exploring working memory in a patient with developmental amnesia and selective hippocampal damage’.

11:10-11:30: Dr Beatrice Filippi (School of Biomedical Sciences). ‘How Insulin-sensing neurones in the dorsal vagal complex regulate metabolic functions’.

11:30-11:50: Dr James Poulter (School of Medicine). A multi-disciplinary approach to deciphering the molecular mechanisms of early neuronogenesis.

11:50-12:20: Halina Norbertczak, Vivien Badaut, Blessing Mukonoweshuro (UoL Research & Innovation). ‘Translational, Innovation and Commercialisation Funding at the University of Leeds’.

12:20-13:20: Lunch

Session chaired by Dr Jessica Kwok

13:20-13:40: Prof Netta Cohen (School of Computing). ‘Mapping the mind of a worm’.

13:40-14:00: Dr Jon Lippiat (School of Biomedical Sciences). ‘Structure, function, and pharmacology of neuronal Na+-activated K+ channels’.

14:00-14:20: Prof Sheena Radford FRS OBE (School of Molecular and Cellular Sciences). ‘Structural insights into amyloid disease’.

14:20-14:40: Dr Marc de Kamps (School of Computing). ‘Population density techniques: modelling large populations or repetitions of single neuron experiments in noisy conditions’.

14:40-15:00: Dr Steve Clapcote (School of Biomedical Sciences). ‘PDZD8 disruption causes cognitive impairment in humans, mice, and fruit flies’.

15:00-15:30: Coffee/Tea

Session chaired by Prof Nikita Gamper

15:30-15:50: Dr Mihaela Lorger (School of Medicine). ‘Immunotherapy in melanoma brain metastases’

16:10-16:30: Dr Ganesan Baranidharan (School of Medicine). ‘Leeds Pain and Neuromodulation centre: an overview of clinical research’.

16:30-16:50: Dr Jessica Kwok (School of Biomedical Sciences). ‘Modulating perineuronal nets to enhance neuroplasticity in spinal cord injury and ageing’.

17:00-18:00: Crisp Lecture by Prof Peter McNaughton (King’s College London) ‘HCN2 ion channels drive pain’.

18:00-19:00: Drinks reception