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Leeds Neuroscience Symposium 2023

Programme: 09:15-09:50: Coffee and Registration 09:50-10:00: Introduction/Welcome Session 1 10:00-10:20: Ronaldo Ichiyama - Spinal Cord Injuries: Neural Plasticity and Functional Repair 10:20-10:40: Emmanuele Tidoni - Exploring Human-Robot Interactions through the Lens of Social Neuroscience 10:40-11:00: Samit Chakrabarty - TBC 11:00-11:20: Faisal Mustaq - City-Scale Neuroscience: Tracking Adolescent Brain Development in the Born in Bradford Longitudinal Study 11:20-11:40: James Poulter – Neur@L and the British Neuroscience Association 11:40-12:00: Ali...

Leeds Neuroscience Symposium 2022

Programme: Coffee/Tea from 9:15-9:45. 09:45-09:50: Introduction and welcome by Dr René Frank Session chaired by Prof Susan Deuchars 09:50-10:10: Prof Nikita Gamper (School Biomedical Sciences). 'Modulation of somatosensory information flow at the dorsal root ganglion'. 10:10-10:30: Dr Lucy Stead (School of Medicine). 'Glioblastoma: patient stratification and a role for neurotransmitter signaling'. 10:30-10:50: Dr Matthew Mulvey...

Why your hearing needs a REST published in eLife

REST silencing results in hearing loss due to up regulation of Kv7 in the cochlea published in eLife Repressor element 1-silencing transcription factor (REST) is a transcriptional repressor that orchestrates large-scale changes in gene expression patterns. Although originally recognised as a suppressor of neuronal genes in non-neuronal cells, REST is now increasingly recognised for its...

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