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Prof. Nikita Gamper receives a Wellcome Trust Investigator award


Prof. Gamper's lab identified a peripheral gate in pain pathways and has received prestigious funding from the Wellcome Trust to follow up this discovery.

Peripheral nerves respond to changes at the surface or inside our body, the brain then interprets these responses as tactile or visceral sensations, such as heat, touch or pain. It has been thought that only the central nervous system could interpret and analyse such sensations and the peripheral nerves were mainly a wiring network, delivering messages to the brain which then tells the body how to react. Our recent findings challenge this view and suggest that the peripheral nervous system could interpret its environment and modulate pain.

With this support from the Wellcome Trust Prof. Gamper will develop a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of how peripheral nerves can regulate and control pain.  These findings will change the current view on the principles of somatosensory processing and will provide new ideas for pain treatment