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Professor Nikita Gamper receives BBSRC award

Divide and rule: localised Ca2+ signalling in sensory neurons’

Congratulations to Nikita Gamper (PI), Izzy Jayasinghe (Co-I, Sheffield University) and Shihab Shah (RCo-I) who received £577k for their project investigating the intricate molecular mechanisms underlying inflammatory signalling in pain-sensing (nociceptive) sensory neurons. Specifically, they will investigate junctions between the plasma membrane (PM) and endoplasmic reticulum (ER), which form signalling nanodomains harbouring molecular machinery for generating local Ca2+ signals. They have assembled a versatile toolkit, including single-molecule localization approaches (DNA-PAINT, proximity ligation), live imaging, cell and molecular biology approaches and in vivo tests, for comprehensive interrogation of junctional signalling in sensory neurons, covering molecular, cellular and whole organism levels.