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Dr Jamie Johnston receives a MRC award


Congratulation to Dr Jamie Johnston for their recent award from the MRC (£0.78 m). This will support a project investigating the function of the olfactory bulb and how this circuit is regulated.

Prof. Nikita Gamper receives a Wellcome Trust Investigator award


Prof. Gamper's lab identified a peripheral gate in pain pathways and has received prestigious funding from the Wellcome Trust to follow up this discovery. Peripheral nerves respond to changes at the surface or inside our body, the brain then interprets these responses as tactile or visceral sensations, such as heat, touch or pain. It has been thought...

Dr Beatrice Filippi awarded a MRC CDA


Congratulation to Dr. Beatrice Filippi for being awarded a very prestigious MRC Career Development Award (£1.4m). This will support her research for the next 5 years investigating how the brain senses insulin and controls glucose metabolism and feeding behavior.

Neuroscience Retreat


Neuroscience labs had two fun filled days in the Yorkshire dales with lots of talks, walks and exploring caves.  

Circuit mechanisms for dynamic predictive coding published in Neuron


Sensory systems must reduce the transmission of redundant information to function efficiently. One strategy is to continuously adjust the sensitivity of neurons to suppress responses to common features of the input while enhancing responses to new ones. In this project the Johnston lab and collaborators used 2-photon imaging of the synaptic transmitter glutamate. Taking advantage of...