Molecules and Cells

Dr Rene Frank – Ultrastructure of the brain in situ

Dr Viktor Lukacs – Identifying novel receptors and signalling pathways

Dr John Lippiat – Ion channels and transporters, pharmacology and disease causing mutations

Dr Lin-Hua Jiang – Ca permeable ion channels, in health and disease

Dr Jessica Kwok – Extracellular matrix and perineural nets

Dr Eric Hewitt – Cell biology and immunology of amyloid disease

Prof Sheena Radford – Amyloidogenic diseases, mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding

Dr Ian Wood – The role of HDACs in neurodegenerative

Prof Jim Deuchars – Ion channels and neuronal function

Dr Sue Deuchars – Ion channels and neuronal function

Prof Nikita Gamper – Voltage and ligand-gated ion channels in pain and cell signaling

Dr Jamie Johnston – Voltage and ligand-gated ion channels in neuronal function

Dr Hugh Pearson – Voltage-gated ion channels in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Paul Meakin – ß-secretase and its role on neurovascular disease