Circuits, Systems and Computation

Senses and Computation

Prof. Nikita Gamper РPain: molecules, signalling and circuits

Dr. Jamie Johnston – Olfactory, visual and auditory circuits

Professor Chris F Inglehearn – Vision, retinal degeneration

Dr Carmel Toomes РRetinal disease, molecular and cellular ophthalmology, retinal vasculature

Dr Marc de Kamps– Computation in neural networks

Dr Manir Ali – Vision research, genetics, family studies, ophthalmology

Neural Control of Movement

Prof Netta Cohen Р Computational neuroscience, neural control of behaviour

Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama – Neural control of movement and cardio-respiratory function

Dr Samit Chakrabarty – Sensory motor neurophysiology

Dr Ioannis Delis – Computational neuroscience, multi-sensory integration, motor control

Dr Simon Walker – Biomechanics, insect flight

Neural Control of Internal Systems

Dr Sue Deuchars – Spinal circuits, autonomic function and neurogenesis

Prof Jim Deuchars – Neural control and modulation of the autonomic system

Dr Beatrice Filippi – Brain Insulin and the control of metabolism

Dr Paul Meakin – Neurovascular system

Dr Sikha Saha – Neurovascular system