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Disease, Disorders, Injury and Repair

Injury and repair

Samit Chakrabarty - Plasticity of motor control in stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease

Dr Sue Deuchars -  Regeneration of spinal cord by modulation of endogenous stem cells

Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama - Neurodegenerative changes following spinal cord injury

Dr Lorna Dougan - Biomechanics, biophysics

Dr Jessica Kwok - Enhancing plasticity for recovery in spinal cord injury & neurodegenerative diseases

Dr Sarah Astill - Motor Learning & Control, Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Disease of the Nervous System

Dr Rene Frank - In situ structures of Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Eric Hewitt - Cell biology and immunology of amyloid disease

Prof Sheena Radford - Amyloidogenic diseases, mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding

Prof Chris Inglehearn - Understanding the causes of human visual defects

Dr Glenn McConkey - Parasitic infections contribute to neurodegenerative disorders

Dr Sikha Saha - Cerebrovascular Diseases; Stroke Biology and Mechanisms

Dr Ian Wood - The role of HDACs in neurodegenerative conditions

Dr Lin Hua Jiang - Molecular mechanisms of ion channels in health and disease

Dr Patricija van Oosten-Hawle - Transcellular Chaperone Signalling and neurodegenerative disease

Dr Paul Meakin - Neurovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease

Neurogenetic disorders

Dr Steven Clapcote - Genetic basis of neurological and psychiatric disorder

Dr Sandra Bell - Genetic basis of microcephaly

Dr Jacquie Bond - Genetic basis of microcephaly

Prof Colin Johnson - Inherited retinal dystrophies

Prof Chris Inglehearn - Vision, inherited blindness, schizophrenia & intellectual disability research

Brain Cancer research

Dr Mihaela Lorger - brain metastases

Dr Lucy Stead- Neuro-Oncology, Cancer genomics, Cancer transcriptomics

Professor Susan Short - Treatment of adult brain tumours, glioma biology

Dr Heiko Wurdak- Stem cells; cancer biology; brain tumours

Dr Georgia Mavria - Brain metastasis, brain tumours

Dr Laura Matthews - Brain cancer

Dr Adel Samson

Dr Florien Boele